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Guinness Mix Gas tank

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  • Guinness Mix Gas tank

    I have a home beer syestem set up for both Guinness and Harp at home. I only set it up for the holidays and then shut it down for the rest of the year. I have a tank that has mixed gas for Guinness (and harp as I use the same tank). I haven't used the tank for 2 years (I did not set up bar last year). My question is "is the mixed gas in my two year old tank still good to use this year or should I get new gas put in?" Any opinions would be greatly appreciated as I don't want anyone to get sick if I use the old gas mix.
    Thank you

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    Black and Gold,
    Been waiting for one of the old pros to respond, but by what I have read, it should be fine. It won't go bad, but it might have a metallic taste tank if made of steel.


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      Thank you for your response. I am not keen on Metallic tasting Guinness. So I think I will pull the trigger and just get a new tank to play it safe.