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Broken CO2 Regulator Gauge

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  • Broken CO2 Regulator Gauge

    I think my CO2 regulator gauge is broken. It appears to be stuck at 10lbs. If I completely close the CO2 cylinder valve, it remains at 10lbs. If I turn the regulator adjustment screw until it's completely shut, the pressure remains at 10lbs. Is there something I'm missing?

    ***uming the gauge is broken, what's the best corse of action? I'm toying with the idea of setting up a dual tap as my kegerator can accomodate 2 1/6 barrels.

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    Pull the ring on the keg coupler while you have the gas shut off, that will vent the trapped co2. If your gauge remains there after doing that, then yes it is fubar. Order a new one or pick one up from a welding supply store.
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      Inspect the back of the gauge. You should find a couple of screws that once backed out, will allow the gauge hosing to become loose. Prior to this, pry the gauge cover off. Now there should be access to the faceplate behind the needle pointer. Determine if the faceplate is bent towards the pointer locking it in place. If so, use a needle nose pliers to straighten the plate freeing the pointer and then re***emble.

      If this is not the issue then heed Pscychodad,s recommendation on replacement gauge.
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