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Another airflow question?

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  • Another airflow question?

    I posted a question yesterday and got a bunch of good answers, so I thought I'd ask another.

    I currently have an old computer fan on the bottom ledge of my kegerator helping with air circulation inside. I would like to purchase another fan, build a tower cooler from a hobby box, tie the 2 fans together with 1 plug, and call it a day. I've attached a pic of what I'd like to do. I want to get a DC fan for the tower because I currently have a battery operated fan that's designed to wear around your neck and blow cool air to your face. Here's the questions:

    - I see everyone saying there's links to how to build the cooler from hobby boxes from Radio shack, but can't find links to a build. Most people are posting links to other peoples installations. Do I install the fan onto the box, wire it up, cut a separate hole anywhere in the hobby box for the tubing and that's it? Maybe I'm not going deep enough into the forums.
    - Speaking of wiring, in my picture attached, you'll see that my fans came with a 3 pin plug adapter. How do I determine which is +/- and other?
    - Also on wiring once I figure out the +/- on the fans, can I just splice all the plus wires(DC adapter(+), 2 (+) wires from fans) together? Same for the negative? I'm a mechanical guy, so I'd find some way to build a power header manifold. The fans do have 2 built in LED's so maybe the extra wire is for that? I figured LEDs wouldn't create much heat or enough to matter but would give a nice glow when friends want to see the keg.
    - My DC adapter is 12VDC 1A and each fan is 12VDC .35A. I'm assuming I can tie them both into the same power adapter?

    Any and all help is appreciated as always.

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    Alrighty, so only after finally posting this, did I start to find some builds. It looks like I may need to buy some smaller fans. I found a pretty good build page, but I'm still confused on the 3 wires from the fans. I know that I can tie 2 fans to 1 power supply as long as the addition of the amps of the 2 fans doesn't exceed the total amps from the power supply. But like I said, still stumped with the 3 pin connection wire coming from the fan. My current fan doesn't have that, only a + and a - wire. Suggestions?

    Also, in post 4 of the link below, the person used a really thick tube and tied the beer line into it, not leaving room for air to return from the tower. Is this an acceptable way of doing it, or should I leave the beer tube in the tower separate from the cooling tube, and leave enough airspace for air to return?
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      I've been mulling over what to say and please do not take this personally and/or insulting but I don't think you should try and build your own tower cooler, go to Ebay and buy one ready made from 1 of 2 sellers there (either are fine), it has the right fan (a blower) and everything is put together correctly and ready to go.
      The beer line should go in the return line (area), otherwise the beer might be artificially cooled beyond 38 degrees and cause more foam, this is the way the commercial units have their tower coolers set up. Tower cooler will take the coldest air from the bottom of unit to shank, then the return air falls back to unit keeping beer line cool. This creates air circulation and cools the tower (shank), this is all you need, any more circulation or fans are really not needed.
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