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BM23 doing some odd things

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  • BM23 doing some odd things

    Bought it about 9 months ago, and been using with great success until about 2 days ago (bought it used, 1.5 years old when i bought it).

    the other day wife calls me while at work and states there is water all over, under the kegerator, and coming out of the door seal. She said that inside kegerator was very wet (and drain pan was full). When i got home she pretty much had it dried up. I did find some chunks of ice in the back ledge (I have never noticed ice on the wall or anything before). Anyhow now it seems to not stay very cold, like 40 degrees or a little higher. I blew the coils out, which were pretty dirty, and let it run all night, but still everything seems quite warm compared to normal. Even turned the tstat dial up to 7 or 8 to see what it would do.

    Any advice? Compressor smoked maybe? I can hear it come off and on if i turn the dial off and then back on etc. I will let it run all day today and see if temps comes down (have 2 1/6 barrels in there close to full, and a 1/2 full 1/6 barrel as well). I have a large glass of water in there to try and check temps etc.

    This is installed in a bit of a closed situation (bar built around it), but i do have more than the 3 inches recommended i have seen online around the sides and front, and out the front i have a large heat register grate so that the fresh air can get pulled into the area as well.

    Thanks for any advice, thinking i might need to call my beer guy and see if i can store my 3 barrels in his cooler for a bit until i can figure this out or get it repaired.


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    I did replace the temp dial a few months back, it would go haywire and try to freeze everything, then be to warm, and the dial was bound up, you could physically tell turning it that it had issues.


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      was low on refrigerant according to the refrigeration guy that came out today, whew, i thought it was going to be a compressor or something expensive.


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        Originally posted by smithabusa View Post
        was low on refrigerant according to the refrigeration guy that came out today, whew, i thought it was going to be a compressor or something expensive.
        Keep in mind that if it was low on refrigerant, that means you have a leak in the system. Ask your refrigeration guy if he can do a leak check on the system. The leak may be so small that it doesn't readily show up or he may find it right off the bat. You never know sometimes.

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          he told me the bev air's are notorious for the evaporator coil leaking very slowly. He said every year or year and a half you will probably need a charge. I asked about just fixing the coil and he said very very expensive to do, not really worth it in his opinion. Cost me $127 for the house call, i am happy, thought it was compressor and going to be way more. Bought a home brew keg and adaptor fittings tonight to use the home brew keg to clean my beer lines etc, works really nice, and finally draft beer on tap again