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Any idea how old this is?

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  • Any idea how old this is?

    Thanks for all the information I have already received from reading all the previous posts. I am currently looking at a couple of different used kegerators. Does anyone know how old this Superior unit is based the serial number, TBB-3 Cabinet Serial Number: 1-3180618. It looks like TBB-3 is going to be an older TDD model. Any help is appreciated.
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    First of all, Superior is the restaurant supply company that sold the unit, Superior just slaps their name on what they sell. What you are looking at was made by True Manufacturing.

    Next, according to the True website, the serial number you supplied shows the unit leaving the f a c t o r y 12/28/2001. It may have sat in Superior's warehouse for some months beyond that though.

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      Thanks Iceman.