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MM200 Blender Question - Secondary Regulators

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  • MM200 Blender Question - Secondary Regulators

    Dear Beer Purists:

    I have a MM200 gas blender on the way, my intentions are to serve Guinness on tap off of the 25/75 side.

    I currently have a 30# CO2 tank that is coupled to a double primary CO2 regulator. Both sides go to 2 separate manifolds that inside my direct draw DD68.

    My questions are:

    Can I install a HP CO2 regulator on my 30# CO2 tank and a tee (or something) to feed both the MM200 blender and a bank of of secondaries for the non-nitro beers in my direct draw box?

    Or will I need to dedicate a smaller CO2 tank and the HP CO2 regulator to the MM200 blender and leave the larger 30# tank for the non-nitro beers? Completely separate gas systems.

    Since I need to purchase a 100' roll of 5/16" braided vinyl air line, can I convert the balance of my air line out to that as well (even though it's most likely overkill)?

    Also, please correct my installation mind-set before I go get more gear to integrate my MM200 blender:

    Have: MM200 gas blender
    Have: G408 U-type coupler
    Have: Proper Guinness stout dispensing faucet

    Need: N tank (any size suggestions for a 1 keg/month enjoyment factor?)
    Need: HP CO2 and N regulators (MM 924B and 924BN) hooked to tanks
    Need: LP CO2 regulator (MM 1161) for the output of the blended gas
    Need: 5/16" braided vinyl air line for all connections

    Any suggestions any of you beer dispensing gurus can provide to make this a most enjoyable experience would be greatly appreciated in advance. I'm far from an expert in this field, but open to learn.

    Thanks everyone!

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    You and I are in the same boat. I see you posted this 8/11. Did you complete the install yet? Any pointers? I am also in the process of integrating a blender into my set up and just about ditto'd your equipment list. I have a hundred feet of 5/16 high pressure tubing on the way and will complete the installation at that point. The blender looks fairly straight forward to install. The only other piece I need is new 12' beer lines for the ales and lagers (to control flow rate at the new higher pressure).