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Beer in line seems flat?

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  • Beer in line seems flat?

    I am just getting my long draw home system up and running.... at first things where flowing fine... nice head, good carbonation, ect. Now it seems that if I let the line inactive for even an hour the beer has no carbonation. I can tell you that I am pushing my beer through a 1/4" silicon tubing, the system has an 8' rise, the 20' beer line is completely refrigerated to the tap head and I am pushing 25 psi through the line. (i have tried numerous dif psi's) The beer on tap is Yeungling lager. I have read all the post on balancing the system but have had limited success. I originally thought that maybe I was over carbonating? Anyone have any thoughts? -Jason

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    Over carbonating is my guess. do you need a 20' beer line? that is a lot of PSI pushing on the beer

    you need nitro if you anre going that long
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      the tap head is about 15' from the fridge..... so from what I read i thought a longer line was needed..... 5' of the line is housed in the fridge. If i push the co2 back down how long till I should see a change? and what PSI should I try? -jason