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Best Tower for Outdoor Use?

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  • Best Tower for Outdoor Use?

    I am in the process of converting my Beverage Air bar back unit to an outdoor bar, so I want to add a dual tap tower to it. I'm curious if anyone has some pointers on a tower that will work well (better) outside? Also, any suggestions on where to place the tower on this unit (holds 3 kegs w/ 2 doors ~ 69" long stainless top)?

    The Dude

    P.S. -- I will be sure to post pics as this little project progresses.

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    I would assume a stainless one. Not the chrome plated version.


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      Originally posted by rtracer View Post
      I would assume a stainless one. Not the chrome plated version.
      I am gathering all the parts for my mod and will start documenting when I have everything.

      I got a stainless tower (brushed...looks pretty cool).

      I'm curious, since this will be going outside, should I look at using my blower to cool the tower, installing passive copper around the lines, or a combination of the two?


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        I'd go with a blower. The copper will only block return airflow from the blower IMHO.
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          That's kind of what I was thinking. However, I'm really curious to see if the the stainless tower gets condensation on it from the heat. My current tower is plastic, so it doesn't but the tap does. Hopefully, the insulation will do it's job.


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            I have a stainless dual tower on my Kezer that is kpt outside. I have a blower setup to cool the tower.
            It only gets a bit of condensation overnight. Not all over the whole tower, just basically where the blower tube ends at the top.
            Never during my waking hours, but in the morning, there will be a bit.

            I live in Nor Cal, so we dont have any humidity. I'd assume a humid environment would contribute to more condensation.