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Converting single tap to double tap?

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  • Converting single tap to double tap?

    hey - i bought a Summit under-counter kegerator with a single tap a couple years ago. I've been brewing my own beer in bottles recently and am thinking about kegging it from now on. ideally, i would love to have 1 or 2 homebrews and maybe a 5 gal of something from the store. if i bought two 5-gal kegs and a new tower with 2 or 3 taps, is that all i need to do? how do you work the co2? can you split the line into 2+ kegs? or do you need to have a dedicated tank for each keg?

    i'm pretty new to all this and have just started researching. any advice or suggestions would be great. thanks!

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    I run two "ponys" off of one CO2 tank by just using a splitter on the CO2 line. That assumes you want to run the same pressure to each keg. If you host some "specialty brews", they may require different pressures... and that would require additional regulators on the main CO2 line. Stick with the 80 /20 rule for your beer selection and it should be no big deal.
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      great advice, thanks. i think i will at least start out with a splitter and can always expand the operation if i want to run multiple co2s.

      what does the 80/20 rule apply to here? i don't think i've heard that.