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  • Vissani upgrade

    I would like to install a 2-faucet tower on my Vissani kegerator. I've read the posts on problems with other units, but my kegerator keeps the keg cold, and holds 1/2 barrels easily. I want to put two 1/6 barrels inside to have a choice of draft beers. Could I use the existing faucet and purchase a new tower and one other faucet/shank to complete the upgrade? Is there a kit available to upgrade my unit?
    I probably should just get all new hardware since the non-standard faucet doesn't accept tap handles. Will a tee-coupler suffice to split the CO2 to the two kegs?
    Any suggestions? I'm new at this home dispensing gig, and loving the experience. I have Stone IPA on tap and want to add another type. Thanks.

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    If I were going to a two keg system on my Vissani I would purchase a new 3” dual faucet system from MicroMatic. It will solve a number of problems with the unit. It comes complete with faucets, shanks and beer line and the price is better than the components purchased individually.. The additional tower size will improve tower beer line cooling and you will have quality components. Beyond that all you would need is a y for your co2 and a new coupler and extra co2 line.
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