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  • Advice on casters..

    I there.. I am new around here, but looking for some advice on adding casters to a BeverageAir DD78R. I have checked out the bottom of the unit, but see no holes where casters would be intended to go, and yet I know there is a "caster kit" sold for this unit. I have a bunch of 4" and 6" casters that I could potentially use on this, but am afraid to drill anywhere in fear of hitting a refrigeration line or something.

    Does anyone know how this is typically done? Are there instructions anywhere for where to drill? Short of making a platform for the unit to sit on, I can't think of how to proceed. Any thoughts?


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    May not be the advice you're looking for, but do they have to be casters? How far are you going to be moving it? I have a four-keg chest freezer conversion (so when it's filled, it weighs a whole sh...well, a lot). Whenever I lift the lid, I have to pull it away from the wall about two feet so that the towers don't smack the wall. I just went to Lowe's and bought a set of those glider feet. They are about 2"x4", and about 1/4" thick, and I stuck one on each corner. I have no problems pulling it away from the wall or pushing it back in. It is sitting on laminate (Pergo), incidentally.


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      I know nothing of this unit but on most refrigerator like devices they have threaded feet that are used for leveling. With casters these are typically removed and the caster base is threaded in.

      I would be leary in drilling anyplace but through a door.
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        Mount the casters to a wooden frame. Set the unit on top.


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          As long as you stay toward the edges of the unit you will not have a problem hitting any refrigeration lines.

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