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  • A World of Thanks to the Forum Page

    I recently received the Vissani Kegerator for a birthday gift. After reading some reviews I thought I would have to take it back. Then, you would have that ackward moment when you have to ask for the receipt. BUT... with the insight of forum posters I decided to hook it up and see how it goes. First, same complaint everyone has... not cold enough! Armed with the knowledge of this group, I grabbed my handy phillips and adjusted that bad boy CCW about 3/4 turn. Dropped almost immediately. I also opted to get some airflow going. I purchased 2 fans for 3.50 each and mounted one, keeping the other for a spare. WOW... let me say it dropped 5-6 degrees in about an hour. So I am still tinkering with the thermostat dial to hone in my exact setting but this kegerator being to warm will never be an issue again. You guys are AWESOME thanks for all the postings. AGAIN THANK YOU!!!

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    I also took a gamble and got this from HD. They had them on clearence for $312 and no interest for 12 months. I have my billpay already set for $30 the next 10 months. I did the screw adjustment and added two cpu fans on the same power source. One blowing directly up the tower from on top of the keg and one just circulating air around the cooler. I now have my kegerator set on 1 with an inside temp of 34 and a first beer pour of 35. A little cool but it is about to get really hot here.(I might turn the screw back about 1/4 turn) I also have my pressure on my co2 set at 6 (gauge might be a POS). I get a perfect pour everytime with only about 1/2 inch foam. I am upgrading the tower to a two faucet next week. It's on the way now. I will update.


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      what's the above threads have to do with beer?

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