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Using a Computer cooling system for the tower

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  • Using a Computer cooling system for the tower

    I am designing my new conversion system and really like the cobra tower. Can I use a computer cooling system to circulate the glycol without having to use the expensive pack, run it through the freezer...? Anyone tried this? I know people tried it with buckets, but I am hoping that having the radiator, and a decent flow rate that it would be sufficient.

    Thermaltake ProWater 850i Liquid Cooling System for Intel and AMD Processors CL-W0175 at

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    Check this thread out.
    No CRAP! on tap


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      The pump is available separately. I bet you could loop the tubing through the tower, and get good results without even using a reservoir(SP).
      You would have to assemble and fill your loop outside of the unit to purge as much air as possible. Then tuck it in the tower.
      It may be a little overboard for my Kenmore, but fun to think about..
      Maybe when I get my stimulus check.
      I cool my tower with Beer.


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        The computer cooling system will work, but you will have to find a material that is more heat conductive than the supplied tubing. I found that with my setup, which also uses a computer processor cooler, even vinyl tubing insulates too well and doesn't transfer heat. I'm planning to replace the lines with copper tubing, which is fairly simple and far more effective. Good luck!