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Am I getting greedy or just inovative?

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  • Am I getting greedy or just inovative?

    I have a chest freezer conversion and I love it. I am just currently kicking myself because I just relized what I should have done. I wish I would have gotten and large chest freezer and built a bar around it. This way I could fit more that one 1/2 barrel in it and maybe even some tall 1/4s. That would have been f'in sweet... Well maybe in the future I will upgrade the man cave.

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    You can still do it. Check out what these guys did. I've seen others that take it even further by extending the bar top a few feet past the kegerator.

    the haraldsons ยป Build your own bar with kegerator
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      is it me or was that all made of construction grade lumber???

      guess I did better than I thought.
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        Thats an interesting way to go about it. Bet those young fellas have had some quality times around that setup...
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