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12 or 60 CFM blower

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  • 12 or 60 CFM blower

    Need advise on what size blower to use. I have a 14.8 cu ft freezer I'm planning to convert to a keggerator, with a collar. I plan to set it up in my laundry room and run my beer lines through a 2 or 3" PVC pipe in the wall to my bar in the next room. The distance should only be about 6 - 8' from the freezer to the tower located on the bar. This will also require 2 or 3 turns in the PVC to line everthing up. So my question is, what size blower do I need?

    Also, any suggestions on how to connect the PVC to the bottem of the bar (under the tower) I'm concerned about keeping everthing air tight.

    Thanks Again! (I've been reading for two months and now that I'm actually starting my build I'm a little worried I may have went over my head on this project
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    The 12 should be more than enough. And relax. With the advice you can get here it will be hard to get in over your head.
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