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Kegerator for Beer and nitro cold brew?

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  • Kegerator for Beer and nitro cold brew?

    Hey guys, my last kegerator died over 5 years ago and I have finally gotten over it and ready to move on and replace her.

    I am wanting to do a two tap setup, 1 for beer and 1 for nitro cold brew. I know i will have to have two tanks but does anyone run this setup and what kegerator (or at least size) do you suggest could work.

    Assuming both tanks needs to be inside the unit at all times?

    thanks for any help!


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    The ideal set up would be to keep, at least the co2 tank, outside of the cooler. co2 will give you more bang for your buck, at room temperature. It has to do with the co2 being refrigerated liquid and needing warmer temperature to expand. or something like that.


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      Temperature doesn’t change the volume of gas you have to use, it changes the pressure of the gas above the liquid. If the tank reads 1000 psi outside the box, it may read 750 inside.
      What I have: Haier two tap, 525 faucets, tower cooler, 10' lines


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        Any tips on a good home kegerator that works for this setup? Assuming I can put both tanks outside. And it will be inside so need something decently quiet.


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          What’s the budget? Any of the discussions here about kegerator selection are valid for your situation. Spend $500 and wrestle with it to get it almost perfect or spend $1000-1500 and get perfect out of the box. You can’t ever go wrong with True or Bev Air.
          What I have: Haier two tap, 525 faucets, tower cooler, 10' lines


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            Was hoping to stay under 2K all in, except beer/nitro cold brew.

            so this puts bev air a little out of reach. I saw some Kegco models that were cheaper but unsure about their quality? Anyone have any experience?

            Also heard the BM23 was pretty loud, are those rated for outdoors in Florida if under a cover?

            I come from a Haier model that I had to do a lot of mods to dial in so no issues with that but that one died on me and want something to last for the long haul.


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              I advise you buy GrowlerWerks uKeg like in this article think its best choice for your purposes.
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                Decided to go with a used micro matic MDD-23.

                it comes with a single tower but I need to convert to a dual tap. Should I buy a whole new tower or is there some way to convert single to dual tap?

                need to buy supplies for the nitro cold brew side but know I will need:

                -Nitrogen tank
                -corny keg
                -gas/liquid lines and connects
                -SS stout faucet

                to infuse the nitrogen can I just go with nitro infuser keg lid or should I spring for the nitrogen infused module?

                also I have an additional co2 regulator can I use that as the nitrogen tank regulator?