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Kegco kegerator frozen evaporator - one off or problem?

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  • Kegco kegerator frozen evaporator - one off or problem?

    I've had a Kegco HK38SS running with two taps for 15 months with no issues. I have the same unit as a bottle/can refrigerator also running 15 months. Both are installed in an outside BBQ island. No issues with the bottle/can fridge. The tap unit is suddenly not cooling, has consistently been at 37 degrees and I finally noticed it was at 52 when I started having beer issues. I've been reading and did discover that there was ice along the inside of the unit, right below the fan, where I assume the evaporator is (I haven't taken the unit out from the BBQ island). I'm dethawing it now.

    My question is, with a unit that has run flawlessly for 15 months, is this a one off? It had been hot here in Nor Cal, it happened when we had a series of 100+ degree days. But it was hot last summer with no issues. Obviously if I thaw it and it happens again, it's not a one off.

    No apparent seal issues. I'd have to pull it to see if dirty coils are an issue. It's pretty protected. I understand that two other culprits could be a refrigerant leak or a thermostat issue. I'm just wondering if this can happen occasionally and it not be that something is broken.