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Under-Cabinet Kegerator in Basement Bar

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  • Dan Berumen
    You have two options: You can make the bar deep enough for the kegerator to slip completely underneath. Then, drill a hole on the bar top to get the lines thru. Or, you can make it a depth that you can slip the kegerator under the top, but the tower can stay on the keg box.
    If you do the first option, once you cut the hole, you will need to try to keep the beerl lines cold. You will need to install a sleeve to go thru from the top on the bar top to the kegbox. you can use a piece of pvc or abs pipe. insulate it with at the very least insulation tape from Home Depot. The concern i have is, does your keg box have a fan inside circulating the air or does it have a cold plate in the back. i bring this up because for best results, you should keep the beer lines cold by pushing cold air up into the tower. keg boxes that have a fan, usually have a hose built in that you can stick inside the tower to blow cold air into the tower. I would recommend making the hole on the bar top the same size as the hole on the keg box. You don't just need to force air into the tower, the air needs to circulate back to the keg box. You can place the co2 tank anywhere. all you need is to extend the line whatever length you need.

    if there is anything that doesn't make sense, or you have any questions, reply to this.

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  • basementbar
    started a topic Under-Cabinet Kegerator in Basement Bar

    Under-Cabinet Kegerator in Basement Bar

    Hey there! We are finally finishing our basement and we are building a small bar. We currently have a danby kegerator in our garage that we'll be moving to the basement. Is it as simple as building the basement bar countertop large enough to accommodate the danby kegerator (and drilling a hole in the countertop)? Or is there more to consider? Is it worth getting a brand new kegerator meant to be under-cabinet (and sell our current one?) I'm a bit lost, but also on a budget and timeline. I saw some "under cabinet" kegerators for thou$ands! I am looking to either reuse what we already have or sell it and get something that makes more sense, but also doesn't break the bank. We're not looking for industrial/professional grade, just something that will simply work.

    What is the depth of the standard counter that is required? Our current kegerator has the tank on the back, but that greatly increases the depth required to move it under a countertop. Is there a way of moving it to the side to the bar so the depth doesn't have to be so great?

    To add to the complexity, we have a single tap danby and would love to convert it to a two tap system when we move it downstairs. Should we just give up now? Or is there any hope?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!