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    Looking for any advice on installing a built-in kegerator beneath a granite countertop in my basement. I've had three kegerators over the years, but this will be the first to be "built into" a bar. My granite guy has no issues cutting the 1.5" granite to suit the footprint of the tower (three-faucet T), but I'm wondering about strategies to make sure the tower is air cooled properly and air is not lost beneath the countertop between the top of the kegerator and the bottom of the granite.I'm sure some of you have done this - any advice? Thanks in advance!

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    I would make the hole closer to the diameter of the cylinder. Maybe a three inch hole. it will allow for better airflow. Then, match up the hole on the counter top, to the hole on the keg box and use a piece of pvc or abs pipe as a sleeve, run your lines thru the sleeve into the cooler and your cold air hose into the tower. if at all possible, insulate the pipe.