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Troubleshoot for High altitude rebuild

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  • Troubleshoot for High altitude rebuild

    Hi Everyone!

    Currently, based off line balancing calculators, at an altitude of 9,200 with a temperature of 37 F I've decided to run my Co2 at around 16.5 psi with around 14' of 3/16th ID vinyl tubing to create the restriction needed to off balance the high pressure. . my faucet is about 2.5' from the center of my keg. I've installed a tower chiller already, a fairly decent one that keeps the tower around the same temperature as my actual refrig temperature. I have brand new lines, clean glasses, and I know how to pour a beer.

    Could it be my faucet or shank?

    Currently I'm using a 3/16th ID elbow shank. I've been told by some around the area that 1/4" makes a big difference, at the same time, I've been told I need to use a 75% co2 25% Nitro blend. I don't believe i need blended gas for this small of a set up. I already have a hard time believing that i need this much line length.

    I've been working on this kegerator on and off since May. All I really want is cold, doesn't even need to be a "perfect" poured beer at home.
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