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Additional advice about foam

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  • Additional advice about foam

    I have a kegerator that houses a half keg and the CO2 tank. Pouring Coors light. Running a 10' beer line. Inside temperature is around 36 degrees. Dispensed beer is around 36 degrees. Have tower cooler with cooling hose that runs all the way up. CO2 pressure is 15 pounds. Still getting excessive foam on first pour. Can't figure out why. Should I invest in a better tap faucet? Regulator seems to be ok. Any suggestions?

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    1st beer foam is a product of a warm tower. Is there as much space in the tower of return air flow? General rule return space should be slightly larger than space inside the tower cooler hose since hose air is forced and return is not directly. Also some towers don't have enough insulation make sure your good one that front.