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  • Pretty pleased

    Sorry I'll work on pictures. So I picked up a beverage air bm23. With 2 co2 bottles new lines gauges. Two tap handles (Sam Adams and BBC). It's advertised as non functional for parts. $25. I figure worst case the tower, bottles, gauges and handles are worth more then that. I go pick it up and the guy tells me that it sat for a bit and the motor is rusted shut. So I buy it and take it home.
    try to fire it up and nothing. But the evaporator fan is struggling. Then I reach in and turn the temp gauge and compressor fires right up and it gets ice cold. I'm thinking that perhaps this guy got it and didn't adjust the dial. Heard the noisy evaporator fan and thought it was dead. Furthermore I let it run longer and the evaporator fan quieted down. Now this beast is from 1990. But for $25 I'm pretty happy. Kegerator has always been a want. I'll be asking questions

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    So like a bargain to me too. Well done.


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      Great buy! I have a BM23 from the same time frame. Runs like a champ, slight condensation issue from worn spot on the door gasket. Let us know if we can help.


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        thx Dcullender, probably put my first keg in it next week. still wanna clean up the faucet and what not. I did a test, put a pitcher of water in it and set it on 5 (out of 10). after 2 hours the water was getting alittle ice forming on the top. The compresser definitely cycles on and off, this was out in my garage and the temp in the garage at the time was 50 i think. Gonna do another test today as it's warmer and set it at 4. Definitely not low on refrigerant, and the coils don't have any dust on them really.