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Beverage Air BM23 - Cooling Issues

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  • bhizzy1
    I will add that the compressor is warm/hot to the touch, and the condenser coil seems to only be lukewarm. I am not sure if this is normal or if this would indicate a problem like a blockage or low refrigerant. It does appear to be clean of debris, as that is something people frequently point out as a problem area.

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  • bhizzy1
    started a topic Beverage Air BM23 - Cooling Issues

    Beverage Air BM23 - Cooling Issues

    Hey everyone, I'm new here so I thought I'd introduce myself and my problem. I bought a kegerator (Beverage Air BM23) from a guy on Craislist. It has R12 refrigerant so I am guessing it is a tad bit old. The data card on the inside reads the following:

    Type & Size: BM23
    Compressor: 1/6 HP
    Amps: 2.99
    Phase: 1
    Cycles: 60Hz
    Charge: 4.5 oz Refrigerant 12
    Test Pressure: High Side - 250 psi, Low Side - 150 psi

    I don't see a serial number anywhere but maybe I just need to look a little harder.

    At first I thought all was well, I plugged it in and the next morning the refrigeration compartment was down to around 32F on the high setting. I quickly found out that the compressor wasn't shutting off at all and that the evaporator coil was freezing up.

    I replaced the thermostat with a Johnson Controls 419a, though not the best fix, I had it laying around and it let me watch the kegerator cycle on and off. I placed the probe on the evaporator fan bracket closest to the coil with a zip tie and set the set point to 32F. It pretty much runs constantly and doesn't go too far below 36. I placed the set point at around 40 and it does cycle, but the compressor is running most of the time, only stopping for a few minutes before the temperature rises above the set point. Say the compressor shuts off at 38F, the kegerator warms up to 41F within 10 minutes and the system kicks back on. It seems like its warming up very quickly to me, but I am completely new to refrigeration. The door seal is OK, not perfect. The original seal was bad so I replaced it with some weather stripping to test it out before dumping the extra money into buying a door seal if the unit is not going to cool properly. I plugged as many places as I could find that air could be getting in, but I can't seem to find anything so hopefully a wise refrigeration guy is reading this with my next steps.

    I'm thinking either buy a replacement door seal and try it, or maybe something needs replaced, like the refrigerant.

    Money isn't the object, I'd really like to get this going myself to learn on. I'm EPA certified, so I can recharge it (once I learn the procedure)

    If you can point me to a specific refrigeration (appliances) forum, I'd like to know where everyone looks for info like this.

    Thanks in advance.