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Problems with CO2 Tank

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  • Problems with CO2 Tank

    Hi all - hoping I'm posting this in the right place. I'm new to my kegerator - got it all used. I'm trying to connect the KegCo 542 regulator with my CO2 tank, and every time I open the CO2 tank, air escapes like mad. Sometimes the gauges shoot up/sometimes not.

    I've used the nylon washers but they haven't worked. Also noticed that the washer that comes with the regulator (seen here: was missing. I've tried using an O-ring as a replacement (not sure if that would work, but decided to try) - still no dice.

    Any ideas? Not sure if I've overtightened the bolt or not (or that affects it).

    Thanks for helping a newbie - I just want my beer!

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    Welcome to the forum...
    Not sure I can help you with this, I deal more with the refrigeration end of things but I'll give it a shot. Some pics of your set-up might help.
    I presume the gas is leaking from the regulator fitting at the tank? Check to see if the nut is cracked anywhere & make sure the CO2 inlet stem is tight to the body of the regulator... Keep in mind that the stem is reverse threaded - turn it left to tighten.
    There are some guys here that deal with this sort of thing all the time, maybe they can chime in.

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