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  • help extending keg line

    I've been lurking for a while and just want to get a little bit of help before i start spending money. So this all started with a trip to costco were i saw a igloo keg fridge and impulsively bought it, now fast forward about 6 months and I've finally completed my bar and am ready to plumb the beer lines.

    As of right now the fridge is in my laundry room behind the wall of the bar. It has about a 5 foot diagonal drop to get to the hole ( the hole is at outlet height to easily cover up when selling the house, has about a 2 foot vertical drop ) then goes through the wall, up 2 feet into the bar then up 1.5 feet into the tower tap. Now ive bought some clear vinyl tube that is 5/16 od x 3/16 id, and have connected it to the tap and will be using a barbed coupler to attach to the line off the keg tap since i couldn't find the right fittings. Now im wondering what will be the best way for me to

    a. Cool the line, can i just pvc and use a blower from the fridge (probably about 10 ft of pvc with at least 5 90s) or should i look into a pond pump with gylcol/ cold water
    b. what should my line length be, atm I have a coors banquet 20l keg, and will proably be moving to a canadian/comparable 50l keg, till i learn to brew my own
    c. any tips on c02 psi for those beers?

    Thanks any tips or help greatly appropriated

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    You can't cool that kind of run with air, you need glycol. You need to run glycol with glycol equipment, not a pond pump because you need to cool it. Hopefully your vinyl line is actually beer line, not just tubing. As far as "psi tips", you need to read up here about balancing and the rear
    Patio ship between temperature and volumes of CO2.
    What I have: Haier two tap, 525 faucets, tower cooler, 10' lines