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  • Frost-Free Freezer Question

    I purchased a Kenmore 16.6 cu. ft. upright freezer on Sunday to use as a fridge for my bottled beer. I can't wait until it is delivered Saturday! I will finally be able to free up my kegerator. I'll be using a Johnson Controls a419 (same as the one on my kegerator). For those of you with frost free freezers, have you guys had any issues using a temperature controller on a unit with auto defrost? Does the defrost timer reset each time the controller cute power to the freezer? If so, then I can't imagine it being a problem. I'm just not sure how the auto defrost timer works. Also, in the next month or so I will post a thread (with pictures) showing my kegerator setup (Summit Sbc-500) and will explain, in detail, my mods that led to a foam free pour every time! Thanks!

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    I've had an upright frost free frezzer being controlled by an A419 for over a year now with no problems.