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Newbie with a true tdd-1 question

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  • Newbie with a true tdd-1 question

    I am just starting out in my kegerator experience, I had found a older True TDD-1 that had been modified into a two tower operation. Got it home, cleaned it out, tested it out, seemed to hold temp really well, ordered parts, and am just about ready to tap my first keg. I had plugged it back in two nights ago to get it cold before I put keg in there, did the water test with thermometer which is holding about 35 degrees after more than 10 hours. However last night I checked it and found about a quarter size spot of water on my floor. It was located at the front right corner. I thought it could possibly be from the drain line, as my kegerator didn't come with the collection bottle, and there was some there. But I also noticed along the back wall of my shelf there was more water. Can anybody help me try and determine what is causing my leak?

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    It is likely condensation - is it in a humid environment, have you been opening the doors a lot? You should also check the door gasket, if it isn't sealing properly you will have a steady flow of warm air entering and that can aggravate condensation as well. Put a flashlight in the unit, turn off all the lights and take a look to see if you can see any gaps.
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      It's located in my basement, so there shouldn't be too much humidity. Door has remained closed other than putting in and checking thermometer. I'll double check my seals, since it was holding temp so well I hadn't double checked my gas line seal, didn't realize how much warm air may have gotten in that way. Good idea about flashlight, I'll try that out. Anything that isn't sealed, can I just use silicone sealer or plumbers putty to fill any holes?


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        You can use whatever to plug holes, the door gasket is a common culprit, either from age or door misalignment. It should be sealed all the way around.
        What I have: Haier two tap, 525 faucets, tower cooler, 10' lines


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          Small puddle, could be from tower condensation run off,if your tower sweating? Or condensate pan on inside of unit can be slightly out of pitch and causing the water to run down back wall of unit. OR the actual condensate pan is old and has rust pinholes in it.(seen that plenty of times)
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