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Thinking about Danby DKC052BSLDB kegerator

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  • Thinking about Danby DKC052BSLDB kegerator

    The DKC052BSLDB is what Costco currently sells for 369.99 in store price. With the mods and fixes here. I just have the basic question that I don't see asked after looking at a lot of the posts. Is buying the Danby a good idea or should I hold off till I can get something in the $600 range? A $1,000 unit is never going to happen so I figure the cooling tower mod is one that almost every kegerator will need on the lower end.
    Thanks for your opinions,

    Well I decided to go a different way. We have a really, really old chest freeze. How old is it, about 40 years, but it works well. When we put things in it. They normally don't come out again, frozen veggies fresh from the garden from 2005. That type of thing. I cleaned it out. Went out and bought what I needed to make it into a Keezer (more than the Danby, but I think it will be less hassles). Runs to the point that the Johnson controller turns it off. Comes back on when it needs to cool again, working great. Brewing this weekend and then once the new beer is done. We get to try it out all the way. It was a very simple project and I think it will last for years and years. Oh it also will fit about 5 or 6 of the 5 gallon ball lock kegs. I think I made the right choice.
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