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Micromatic premium not releasing co2

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  • Micromatic premium not releasing co2

    I have 3 micromatic premium regulators, two of them will not let co2 out from a 20lb tank. If I open the tank very slowly it will start to release co2, but as soon as I open it all the way it locks up and won't let anything out. The three regulators seem to be the same, however the female CGA 320 connector does not fit on one of them. I swapped the diaphragm and other guts from the inside of the third (the one the 320 connector would not fit on) in to one of the ones that wasn't working and now it works. Are these regulators specific to certain size tanks? or did I just happen to have 2/3 go bad? Thanks

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    Can you post some pictures? Need to see the set up to give any suggestions.