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    I need to have carbonated root beer on tap using a kegorator for a bunch of kids. First idea was to buy or make root beer concentrated syrup which will cost aprox. $25.00 for a gallon which mixes 1 part concentrate to 5 parts water then carbonate. This would yield 6 gallons...... I was in the grocery store today an saw Chek root beer for .89 cents per 2 liter.......I realize this would be cheating but would it work to just pour several 2 liters of Chek root beer in the keg then carbonate and cool?

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    Why not just buy root beer in a keg already made? The main one that comes to mind is SARANAC, and is the best root beer ive ever had honestly! No alcohol in it... another I know of is called Dominion root beer, but thats a virginia product i think, see if saranac is available in your area? they use american sanke's
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      JUst be aware that after you pour root beer through that line it will have to be replaced before you go back to beer .
      Colin Harrison
      Dbi Beverage Chico