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I have over 300 Commercial Undercounter fridges, how do I convert

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  • I have over 300 Commercial Undercounter fridges, how do I convert

    I ended up with Undercounter Refrigerators, Manufacturer - Delfield
    406-STAR2,1 door 27" and UC4048-STAR, 2 door 48"

    Has anyone done conversion to kegertors on these before? I want to convert at least half if they will work.

    Delfield 2 Door Worktop (1).jpgDelfield Single Worktop.jpg

    What kit would work best? and how many kegs will double hold?


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    Being unfamiliar with these and checking manf. site I was unable to obtain information listing the inside dimensions. Judging only from the pictures it appears big enough depth & width wise to hold a 1/2 barrel. Height wise looks close. Measure and post inside dimensions. The lack of a shelf inside in back where the Co2 tank is normally placed may also present a space problem. You must fill a 5 gallon bucket with water place it inside a unit and run it on the coldest setting for at least 24 hrs. If the water temp gets to 35 or below you have a unit you can work with with out having to modify temp. controllers. If temp and space issues are sufficient we can then advise you on the plumbing of Co2 system and tap/ tower beer delivery system. Of interest too when you're performing the cooling test would be the noise level of this unit when running. It's not crucial to producing a functional kegerator but some people find that the commercial units of this type are louder than they'd prefer so I'd be curious to know if that is the case with this unit too.


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      These units will not work for conversion. To Low, not enough interior depth, and also probably would kill the plastic molded interior with kegs...
      What I got:
      Beverage Air #BM23
      with a "Sexy" Double Faucet Tower and Celli Eurpean Faucets
      -MM Premium Double Guage Primary Regulator
      -MM Premium 2 Product Secondary Regulator
      -MM S/S Keg Couplers
      YouTube video of the goods