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Expanding Secondary Regulator from 2 to 4

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  • Expanding Secondary Regulator from 2 to 4


    I have a True beer cooler that I expanded from a single tap to a double tap a while ago. I added an internal dual pressure secondary regulator from MicroMatic item 1162 so that I could adjust the pressure on each keg separately. The regulator setup looked pretty flexible and I even moved the input from the right side to the left side based on the way my kegerator is setup.

    Now I'm looking to go to a four tap T tower and was wondering if I can simply pick up another dual pressure secondary regulator and gang them together to essentially make a four pressure regulator?

    Anybody have experience with this regulator?



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    Im not sure since those are designed for 2 kegs it seems, the link/part you provided reminds me I have to install some of those at one of my accounts they had laying around, to replace some old ones lolz


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      yes you can add..just have to remove plug and remove the hose barb from the new one. And get a nipple to join the two together.

      Nipple Link.
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      What I got:
      Beverage Air #BM23
      with a "Sexy" Double Faucet Tower and Celli Eurpean Faucets
      -MM Premium Double Guage Primary Regulator
      -MM Premium 2 Product Secondary Regulator
      -MM S/S Keg Couplers
      YouTube video of the goods


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        Thanks, that's what I figured and was hoping was the case but I wasn't 100% sure. When I moved the input from the right side to the left side it looked like the whole unit was somewhat modular.

        Appreciate it!