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Isn't the 'Wine on Tap' equipment unnecessary?

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  • Isn't the 'Wine on Tap' equipment unnecessary?

    Since Nitrogen isn't soluble with liquid, if I wanted Wine on Tap, couldn't I simply dispense it using 100% Nitrogen and still maintain the quality?

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    Are you saying that equipment beer uses is the same as wine? If so, not really, wine uses "exclusively" Stainless Steel parts, beer can use coated parts and SS though most members will recommend SS over coated. Also you have to use special line for wine, one that has an oxygen barrier.
    Yes you can use "Guinness Gas" to dispense wine, but not pure N2 or Argon, following was found on 'net:

    "Wine on Tap systems that use pure nitrogen or pure argon are not ideal for dispensing wine. There must be a percentage of CO2 gas mixed with Nitrogen or Argon to maintain the dissolved CO2 in the wine. This is especially important when dispensing red wines, because at warmer temperatures the gas in the wine comes out of solution faster. A red wine that loses its CO2 can taste tannic and woody it loses its fruit and aromatics. While this does happen in white wine, usually they are held and served colder and the gas tends to stay in the wine better. In a partial keg, the head space is filled with gases among which are N2 and CO2 When the head space of the keg contains pure nitrogen, Dalton's Law of Partial Pressures contends that only the N2 will be held in solution in the wine. The dissolved CO2 will “boil” out of the wine and into the headspace, causing a loss of dissolved CO2 in the wine that remains in the keg. How much CO2 should be used in dispensing wine? Depends on the temperature wine and the pressure of the gas within the keg. Since we’re dispensing wine under relatively low pressures, and assuming that the wines will not be served above 60 degrees readily available premixed gas of 75% N2, 25% CO2 works pretty well (this premixed gas is often used for Guinness and other nitrogenated ales). "
    So "Wine on Tap" section is necessary, primarily for the line and SS parts, BTW did you ever figure out your CO2 expense problem?
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