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Want to run a nitrogen and co2 set up in kegerator

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  • Want to run a nitrogen and co2 set up in kegerator

    So I currently have a summit full size kegerator with a single tower, perlick faucet, and tower cooling fan. I have gone through about 7 full size kegs so far this year, and am ready to upgrade to a two tap set up. What I want to do is have a light and dark on tap, like a ale and stout or lager and stout. Now I want to do this right, have one co2 tank for a lager and one mix gas for a stout.

    Is this possible? My wish is to have Guinness or smith wicks on tap along side a American lager to appease the masses.



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    Sure, either 2 tanks (mixed gas and CO2), 2 regulators (1 CO2 and 1 Nitrogen rated) and a stout faucet or if you have the bucks, 2 tanks (1 CO2 and 1 nitrogen), 2 regulators and a blender (+ stout faucet), sure possible.
    But before you make a list and start buying things, check with your supplier and see if Guinness comes in a smaller keg that fits in a Summit, the following was the discussion regarding the smaller Guinness keg:
    If you can get beers that are nitrogenated that come in smaller kegs, go for it, but I think Smithwicks is a CO2 beer.


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      There are PLENTY of good stouts available that don't run on nitro.If your not into craft beers then I guess a Guinness nitro set up is what your gonna have to rig.
      What I got:
      Beverage Air #BM23
      with a "Sexy" Double Faucet Tower and Celli Eurpean Faucets
      -MM Premium Double Guage Primary Regulator
      -MM Premium 2 Product Secondary Regulator
      -MM S/S Keg Couplers
      YouTube video of the goods


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        I currently have a stout running threw beer gas, and an ipa just on Co2. My Co2 line runs into the kegerator into a 2 way distributor with shut off valves with quick disconnects. My beer gas tank is also ran with quick disconnects making it easy to plug and play between nitro and Co2. It is nice to go back and forth but just a forewarning nitrogen is very stubborn and can be hectic to work with.


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          Thanks guys


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            So I would advise you as KB has already pointed out to research whatever you intend to serve on the nitro tap. I recently added nitro to my Beverage Air BM23, I have two tanks, two regulators and it really is a beautiful thing; at least for me as an ex-brit expat it's the nearest thing that I can get to cask! but you do need to be mindful that many of the nitro mainstream beers such as boddingtons, guinness, murphy's, youngs etc usually come in 1/2 kegs only, if you can get them at all in your area. I generally have to buy from distributers in two different states, both of which I travel between daily.

            That's why if your looking to serve two beers, you might be better with the micro breweries who distribute in small sized kegs, in my experience the smallest keg I have found with the major brands is murphy's which comes in 1/4 keg, everything else has been 1/2 keg thus far, which I am perfectly happy with but I do see some extra cooler space in my future, so I can keep a 1/2 of my favorite brew on at all times and then a 1/4 or 1/6 of something else, a good problem to have though.