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  • HELP! Nitrogen, etc

    So I decided to get a nitro tap/etc for my home kegerator (all homebrew). I have a chest freezer I converted.

    I currently have 3 taps on CO2. So I bought a "nitrogen" regulator here on micromatic. It has a male fitting on the regulator side.

    So I go to my local gas supplier and ask for 70/30 beer mix. Ok, no problem. They wheel over a 10lb tank, and it has a CO2 regulator -type valve on it. I tell them what I have and they said that regulator is for pure N2 only. Pure N2 is not what i'd need - correct? I imagine that would cause CO2 to come out of solution.

    They say all their commercial clients use this type of valve for their beer gas.

    Do I have the right regulator?

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    Yes you do
    Colin Harrison
    Dbi Beverage Chico


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      wow. so.

      After my original post scenario with my local gas supplier, I went to Airgas. They too had 60/40 mixtures with a CGA 320 valve (regular CO2 valve). So now I'm really scratching my head.

      So I call up one last gas supplier. He has 60/40 with a CGA 580 (the nitrogen one). Finally! So I stop in there and while checking out I start telling me about all the places I've been that have nitrogen mixtures with a regular CO2 valve. He's completely shocked. He says that CO2 cylinders are ~800 psi, while Nitrogen blends can excess 2000. He said that putting nitro blends in CO2 cylinders is completely against the Compressed Gas Association standards and is a safety hazard. Either the tank isn't rated correctly or the valve is on the wrong tank.


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        Well I just randomly got several quotes for beer gas 75% 25% mix, as I recently added a nitro tap to my BM23. I probably called around 20 different gas distributers looking for someone to refill my 22cf tank in PA and MD. Of course the majority of places don't refill, do swaps only or will send your tank off for weeks at a time to get it filled. I ended up at Roberts Oxygen who had the cheapest refill price of all, and also bought a tank of beer gas from them while I wait for my tank to come back. Yes you have guessed it, came with a CGA 320 valve attached to a non descriptor steel cylinder, so that seems pretty common. They gave me a discount on the gas to cover the price of the CGA-320/CGA-580 adapter.