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Costs associated with Wine on Tap

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  • Costs associated with Wine on Tap

    Hello Micromatic Wine on Tap community!

    Are there any other restaurateurs out there that can comment on how much it typically cost to operate a wine on tap system? I've been thinking about installing one but am having a hard time estimating what it would cost for things like gas, keg returns, etc... Thanks in advance for the info!

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    Do it! Do it well, you will be able to afford better wines, the wineries will work with you. Since they keg up the wine directly from the barrels you have the ability to hand pick barrels, vintages, varietals etc. You skip the entire bottling labeling production stuff and go straight to tap. It gives the operator a lot of flexibility when looking for new wines for their customers. not to mention, so easy to pour and monitor. crafts and glasses, no breaking bottles or recycling or spillage or sediment. however, you need to clean your lines often.