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The greatest wines for 2014

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  • The greatest wines for 2014

    Jeff asked my in the middle of another thread for my wines of the year. Off the top I could think of 4 quite recent ones and named them [see the first 4 below]. Afterwards, I hurriedly browsed through my tasting notes for the year to come up with some other winners.

    The first things I noticed was, I drank a hell of a lot of wine in 2014 and there were so many great ones wines to choose from. Also, I know I missed some stars and also left out some "older" and dessert wines for which some were extra stellar; nonetheless, here is a list FWIW:

    96` Salon [4 bottles of more]- maybe the #! WOTY for me
    85` DRC Richebourg- If the Salon isn`t, this is my WOTY and both were consumed on the same night.
    85` Williams Selyem Rochioli Pinot Noir- in the top 10
    95` Williams Selyem Allen Chardonnay- in the top 10
    02` Cristal [6 bottles]- in the top 10
    99` Penfolds Grange
    90` Leroy Clos de la Roche
    95` Grace Family Vineyards Cabernet
    95` Vega Sicilla Unico- in the top 10
    70` Vega Sicilla Unico
    03` Tua Rita Redigaffi [2 bottles]
    05` Chave Hermitage
    01` Leeuwin Estate Chardonnay [3 bottles]
    01` Leflaive les Pucelles
    96` Williams Selyem Precious Mountain Pinot Noir [3 bottles of more]
    96` Dom Perignon [many bottles]- in the top 10
    96` Anne Gros Richebourg
    04` Chave Hermitage Blanc
    90` Pichon Lalande
    92` Williams Selyem Allen Chardonnay
    07` Clos de Papes CDP
    00` Seven Lions Winery Buena Tierra Vineyard Helio Doro Block Pinot Noir [Burt Williams` son]
    90` Domaine de Pegau CDP
    03` Pavie
    99` Domenico Clerico Percristina Barolo
    01` Au Bon Climat Larmes de Grappe Pinot Noir
    77` Ch. Montelena Cabernet
    84` Berringer Reserve Cabernet
    85` Leoville las Cases
    90` Ridge Monte Bello Cabernet- in the top 10
    88` Williams Selyem Allen Chardonnay
    00` Shirvington Shiraz

    And the winner is: all of us who shared in the delight of these wines.
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    Wow! Putting these on my wine bucket list hehe
    Tsk, tsk...