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Wine Sputtering - one line on 6 line system not owrking

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  • Wine Sputtering - one line on 6 line system not owrking

    I have a 6 handle draft wine system in my restaurant that I built myself. I used all 304 micromatic parts off this site. I have been running it commercially for two years with no issues. And I'd be happy to discuss it with any restaurant owner who is on the fence (do it, i wish I had 12 taps)

    However, I am having an issue with one line/keg. It is in plastic keg, but I have probably poured 20 of them, so please no tirades on plastic VS my experience both work well, and both sometimes have issues, and the product going to the consumer is identical quality. was pouring fine, the keg kicked. New keg sputters out, lots of air in the line. Taped and untapped several times, pressure is good, coupler seems fine. I can't fix the sputtering.

    So i ordered another keg, to see if it was teh keg vs. my system and I am having the same problem with the new keg. I tightened the nut on top of the coupler, the gasket "looks" fine, I put bubble solution all over and found no leaks...what do I do next?

    The other 5 wines are pouring fine, and each line has a separate gas shut off (but one regulator for the entire system) The lines are about 5-7 feet, nothing major. All the couplers have 90 deg spouts on the top...but again system has been flawless for two years. So I am thinking something is not sealing, but i can;t figure out where.

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    Try tapping the problem line onto another keg and see if you have the same issue. This will tell you if it is a keg or equipment issue
    Colin Harrison
    Dbi Beverage Chico


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      Couple things...

      1. Can you physically feel the line from keg to faucet. Want to make sure that there are no kinks in the line.

      2. Check the two gaskets on the bottom of the coupler. The one bigger one on the outside of the coupler base and the smaller one on the bottom of the probe. Sometimes the probe washer comes off with the last keg and the new keg will get air in the line while trying to dispense.

      3. Can you borrow a keg and coupler from a different line that is working and put it on the line that is not working. This should alleviate the keg and coupler from being an issue. If the issue continues, you know its in the line or faucet. If it does not continue the issue, you can safely assume its the keg(s) or coupler (if more than one keg was bad, more likely the coupler).

      One last thing now that I relook at your post. You said, one regulator for all 6 products but 6 shutoffs. Can you uncouple the keg and verify that when you engage the coupler while not on the keg that gas flows? This will help determine if the gas shutoff valve for this line is indeed on.



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        I've had this problem a few times with difference units. It is the same reason every time. You have either lost or warped the gasket on the bottom of the coupler probe. There are 2 gaskets on the bottom of the keg coupler. The large outside gasket seals the keg so beer or wine does not leak, the small gasket on the probe seals the gas port of the keg. This gasket prevents gas from entering the beer or wine as it flows through the probe to the faucet.

        With the gas OFF, un tap the keg and put the handle down to simulate tapping a keg. Look at the bottom of the probe, there should be a black gasket just above the tip of the probe. If it is there, see if it is stretched or warped in any way, if so replace it. If it is missing, replace it.

        Micro-Matic part number: 102-376

        If this doesn't work, send me a private message with your phone number and we can discuss options.

        Dennis Cullender
        The Draft Doctor