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College student with college questions. Keg Freshness

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  • College student with college questions. Keg Freshness

    so im a college student on a college budget, we occasionally scrape together enough money for a keg or two for a weekend or party. there is also the fact that we dont have enough money for a kegerator. my question is, 'how long will the keg last in a room temp room after tapping?". generally we get 312, or goose island kegs because we have a friend that gets us a discount, i dont know if that plays into the equation at all.

    thanks for any and all help/suggestion/info.

    College Student

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    Be concerned with how you tap it as well as the temperature. If you are using a party pump, the oxygen you are introducing and the above 38 degree temperatures is going to ruin the beer rather quickly.

    In my younger days, we generally tried to kill the keg the next day in the event we didn't kill it that night. I realize scarping the money together to buy the kegs is tough enough maybe. But look at the kegerator as an investment.
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      Or at least a co2 tank, coupler and picnic faucet. This would preserve the beer a lot better then the air. You would still need to keep it cold or on ice to prevent deterioration but it would be cheaper than a kegerator. The couplers are easy to come by, the picnic faucet and line is cheap and the regulator and tank would be the only real cost there.
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        and ice too.
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