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add a color to Glycol?

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  • add a color to Glycol?

    ALLKLEAR is a food safe coloring tablet you can add to any non - colored beer cleaning chemical ----I was wondering if you could add it to glycol that is clear. It is so easy when a customer calls and says they think there is a glycol leak to ask them if the liquid is blue or pink they see on the floor, but with the clear glycol you can make a trip and find out it was only water on the floor.!!! Has anyone ever tried coloring clear glycol???

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    I was just thinking about that today. Looking forward to an answer.
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      just ask if they can smell the sweet-smell of glycol rather than going by color.


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        Just wanted to see if anyone that missed my question before has an answer?

        Can you add a coloring to the MM glycol?
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          Adding a coloring agent will not diminish the effectiveness of the glycol. Not certain as to how long the dye you are using would hold up.
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            Any coloring agent used in glycol needs to be entirely chemically stable and must not encourage the formation of precipitates. Severall commercially available glycols are colored with long lived acid yellow based colorants that also use xanthene or rodamine, among others.

            Without knowing about the particular product you are referencing, and not being able to easily locate a MSDS or other data on it, I cannot say if it would be safe for a glycol system...

            Additionally, as Scott mentioned - it is not possible, except by empirical means, know how long the colorant would last.

            Maybe ask them to taste the puddle?


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              Food coloring, plain and simple food coloring.
              I use glycol in 100000's of liters at work at have always found red food coloring works best or fluoroscine if you can get your hands on it. And I use the same glycol in my own beer system with no probs.


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                glycol coloring

                we use all clear for line cleaning and the powder tht is in the plastic container can go into the bath and definately help find leaks.condesation isn't blue


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