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Flushing line for potential long-term no use

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  • Flushing line for potential long-term no use

    With the current shut-downs in many states and municipalities, my own included, I'm curious if anyone has suggestions for the best chemical and concentration to use for flushing my lines for potential long-term stagnation. I plan to flush all the beer from the lines, and am leaning toward letting them sit with a 1% alkaline solution. Any reason to use anything else, or at a different concentration?
    Thanks for your help, these are indeed trying times.
    Stay safe everyone.

    - Steve V., DC

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    I wouldn't let them sit for the whole time with caustic solution in them. Just do a quick normal clean, flush with water and then blow the water out of the lines. If you have a glycol power pack, change the set point to 38*F and leave it running. Leave the couplers disconnected from the kegs and shut off all source gases including powering down the nitrogen generator if applicable. Leave the walk-in running to keep the kegs cold. When it's time to power up, do another quick caustic rinse and turn everything on/lower the glycol set point.