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Tap seems to "kick" with every glass poured

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  • Tap seems to "kick" with every glass poured

    We have a 3 keg cooler that is used regularly where the pressure and temperature are good. Every once in a while we get a keg (bud light) which is our most flowed tap, that seems like it kicks with each pour. If you pour one right after each other it's ok, but give it 5 minutes and it "kicks" again ???? Other taps are fine, it only happens on an occasional keg. The beer is not skunked or flat either. Any ideas ???

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    What is your applied pressure and temperature? That popping behavior usually happens when the applied pressure isn't high enough to maintain the carbonation level of the beer. Small CO2 bubble break out of solution, find a high point in your tubing and collect to form a pocket of gas. Bud Light might have a higher carbonation level than the other beers you have on tap which is why it's affecting that one and only the others periodically.


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      Couple of things to check:
      Do you have a blower hose sending cold air into the tower? (assuming it's a keg box) If not, beer warms in the tower and blows out as foam.
      Second, if it continues, check the keg seal, the black o ring on the keg and the bottom of the coupler. if they are cut, scarred, or missing on the coupler, they allow co2 to flow into the beer as it is poured causing "burping".


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        Really need to know what pressure you are at and also altitude and length of beer hose. You also might want to make sure the tavern head has a check ball in it to prevent the beer from going backwards into the keg a slight bit (if you are under pressurized!)