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  • Unit running 24/7

    Forgive me if this has been covered or documented..two quick questions, should my MMPPA301-PKG unit be running all of the time? My keg cooler is 37 degrees with little traffic and my lines are only 30 feet. The unit just runs and runs non stop. Is there an economy setting that can be turned on overnight to save on electricity? The only manual I can find does not address this. Thanks for any insight. I do know that this is a wine system but I figured the physics are all the same. The machine was installed about 2 years ago brand new. Is it a crazy idea to want to turn it off at night? Aside from vacuuming the vents is there any other maintenance that I should be performing. I don't have any quality issues just the machine running all the time.

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    Yes, your glycol chiller should be running 24/7. Now, the compressor should be cycling on and off to keep the temperature in the set range, but your circulation pumps will always be running. It's just part of the cost of having a long draw system. You don't really want the product in the lines to be warming up each night. Aside from cleaning the condenser fins, you should be replacing the glycol solution about once a year. Cheers!