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Guiness Problem

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  • mikejferrari
    Have you checked the seal on the keg itself? If there's a chip in the seal it could be letting gas into the coupler probe. Check that seal or try a new keg if there's one available.

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  • EvanWhite
    started a topic Guiness Problem

    Guiness Problem

    So, I was doing a service call today for Guiness. Every time they try to pour a glass it's half beer, half foam, and then it shuts off because the fob went down. It seems like there is gas entering the beer line along with the beer, which is making the fob drop. I tried different pressures between 25 and 30, I cleaned the coupler, drained the beer line, checked the beer temp. and I put a fresh seal in the beer line. Nothing worked, any ideas on how I can approach this?