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Haier HBF05EBSS Issues

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  • Haier HBF05EBSS Issues

    Bought this kegerator from a friend. Worked great for awhile. I've just recently moved and now having issues. Can't get temperature below 65 degrees currently although the other night I hit a low of 50 but have yet to get back there. Thermostat is set on coldest. Here's some notes:

    1) Kegerator is in basement. No A/C. Its been mostly 90's outside recently but the basement doesn't get that hot.
    2) Cleaned and checked gasket on door. Doesn't seem to be leaks and magnetic seal works. Although door does move up and down when lifted. Not sure if this is normal?
    3)Checking temp with a glass of water on kegerator floor and one on top of keg. Top seems to be warmer naturally.
    4)getting minor ice build up although I hear a small clicking/dripping type sound.

    Thanks guys. Any help is appreciated.