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Beer from tower is warm, causing a ton of foam.

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  • Beer from tower is warm, causing a ton of foam.

    I installed a couple of fancy 6-tap ceramic towers on top of a counter which sits about 3 inches above the kegerators underneath where the kegs are stored. I didn't know about using PVC pipe with sealant around the edges as the best option at the time so I installed 2" thick insulated foam tubing (like we wrap glycol lines in), I thought it would do a good job of keeping the lines insulated between the kegerator and the tower. There is a small blower fan (maybe 12 cfm), that came with the kegerator, pushing cold air up into the tower. The air temp in the kegerator is right at 38 degrees but the beer coming out of the faucet is about 44-46 degrees and incredibly foamy!

    I'm thinking I either need a more powerful blower fan to push more cold air up into the tower, or I need to replace the insulated foam tubing with pvc pipe to allow for more airflow up and down between the tower and the kegerator. The same issue is happening with each tower. What do you guys think?

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    SDSPDX, Let me know if your still having trouble. Is this system in Portland? We are a Portland based draft company.


    James Ameeti
    Perfect Pour Services


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      what size is the hole on the counter? it should be about three inches. then installed the pvc or abs pipe as a sleeve. insulate the pipe if possible. 12 cfm blower should be enough, as long as there is one for each tower.