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Nonstop Beer Foaming Problem

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  • Nonstop Beer Foaming Problem

    For the past 8 months, I have been having problems with the beer at my restaurant foaming. I have had technicians into my restaurant to try to fix the problem about 10 times now with little improvement. At this point, I am having a technician come in and tell me that it is a problem with the temperature and they are not allowed to touch the cooling system, only pressure. I then call an AC specialist to come out and they tell me that the AC is working as efficiently as possible without it freezing so they tell me it has to be a pressure problem. The cycle is never ending...

    I have the CO2 system set to a pressure of 10 PSI currently. The thermostat on the cooling system is set at 33 degrees and it is reading 33-34 degrees inside the Keg cooler based on multiple readings throughout the cooler, not just at the intake or where the air is being pumped into the cooler from. The line running from the keg to the faucet is only about 3-5 ft long at most. It is a Keg tower system and the tower is very well insulated and when you pull the top of the tower off and remove the top insulation you can feel cold air immediately rush out through the opening created. The beer temperature is somehow reading at 40-43 degrees once poured even if I run the line a couple of times and the keg has been sitting in the cooler for over a week.

    I am just looking for a company in Florida that can come out and is qualified to handle a pressure AND a temperature problem. I am tired of running back and forth between two companies that aren't allowed to fix the other problem because they aren't qualified or legally allowed to fix the other problem. Please, any recommendations are welcome. I have done the math and we are losing between $5-8000 a year on foaming beer.