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  • Kegco 199-SS Issues


    Sorry in advance, you will probably face palm when reading this:

    In short: bought a used Kegco 199-SS with tower cooler, c02 tank (full), and circulator fan installed. Good shape, the older guy was trusting in person, 1 year old, and got it for $320 out the door.

    Did the whole bucket test. The water began to freeze over (top layer was ice, bottom was sub 35) so I felt I was assured temperature wouldn't be a problem. I measured the temp with a liquid thermometer. I get the keg of Miller Lite, let it settle for 4 hours, and tap it. Foam city, beer is warm. I take the temperature of the beer, it was sitting at 47.5 degrees.... for god knows how long.

    I cranked the thermostat to max, the beer eventually cools to 37 degrees (foamy, but pitcher helped deal with it). Beer was excellent (even though I like my beer ice colder, personal preference). Next morning, I go to check the keg and I froze it. I eventually vented it like a mad man and warmed it up so there was no slushy or ice sound coming from the keg.

    I turn the thermostat down a considerable amount and I begin testing my beer temperature every night by turning the thermostat up a little bit, then giving it 18 hours to cool. This is what I have been doing all week.

    My beer temp this morning was 39.1-39.3. PSI is sitting ~14. I just increased the thermostat to be a tick below the "6" setting.

    1. I run the circulator fan on 30 minute intervals (30 on, 30 off, 30 on, 30 off). Can this drastically effect the temperature? When I froze the keg, I was on max setting and I was running the circulator non stop.

    2. My first pour is usually terrible, I pour the beer, intially 90% foam. After 10 seconds, 60%. After 30 seconds, 75%-80%. The foam is pretty thick, almost has a brownish/golden hue to it. Maybe I am crazy, does this happen when you freeze a keg or is there a problem? I assume I will solve my foam problem if I increase my beer line from 5' to 10'? Could someone recommend a 10' foot line (I assume I need a hex on one side and nothing on the one side)?

    Since I think I killed the keg already, this is my experimental keg. I am trying to dial in on all my imperfections and get them taken care so I don't ruin any future kegs, primarily, I really want to get temperature dialed in.


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    When was the beer line, faucet,taping device last cleaned ?
    Colin Harrison
    Dbi Beverage Chico


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      Originally posted by spdbump View Post
      When was the beer line, faucet,taping device last cleaned ?
      Sorry, all of those were cleaned before tapping the keg with proper equipment. Also, I just noticed that I posted this in the incorrect section. I will move the thread.