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Lines freezing while cleaning

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  • Lines freezing while cleaning

    I am just getting into line cleaning and have heard stories that another company in my region is freezing beer lines.

    I am sure it is because they are not turning off the glycol pumps before cleaning.

    How long before you start cleaning beer lines should you turn off glycol pumps in the system?

    Do you turn them off for every system or just longdraw systems?

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    A system that is set up correctly will not freeze, you should not have to turn the glycol unit off

    Is the glycol unit set below 28 degrees? Is there any visible icing of the lines inside the cooler anywhere? Have never seen kegerators running glycol units....Some more info would be helpful


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      If your not already doing it make sure to use hot water, and no you shouldnt have to turn the deck off before a clean but if your worried you can turn it off and clean right after... Then turn it back on as soon as you've rinsed and got beer. Your gonna want to cool things down before they go into service. Best to leave the deck on if you can if the place gets busy.


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        First off, DO NOT USE HOT WATER! Use WARM water 80 - 110 degrees F. Hot water may damage the inner lining in the beer lines. I have seen older barrier tubing, marked PET, delaminate and either block the lines or shred, leaving slivers of plastic in the beer when poured. Either way, you are buying new trunk line for your client.
        It will also loosen clamped connections due to stretching of vinyl beer tubing.

        Second, normally frozen beer lines during cleaning is caused by leaving the rinse water in the lines too long. This is going to be a matter of practice until you get your timing down.

        Now, if the tower is an "iced" tower, you will most likely have to shut down the glycol units to prevent freezing. These units are set at around 26 degrees to freeze the tower. Be very careful with these units. Recommend if you have iced towers, ask for advise from an old pro before you start. Be forewarned that the tower will probably thaw during cleaning.

        Also, not all power packs are the same. If the model in question uses cooling plates, instead of coils, do not shut off the pumps without shutting down the compressor. Cooling plates will freeze the glycol very quickly if you only shut off the pumps. Believe me, once frozen the plates do not thaw quickly.

        Good luck!
        Dennis Cullender


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          Thanks for the response guys. I havn't had a problem with any of my accounts. I found that they lines my competition was freezing up was leaving the water in the lines and not pouring the faucet until they get beer out.....Thanks for the additional information about cooling plates as well.