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Replacing the gas line in Nostalgia 2100 (pics)

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  • Replacing the gas line in Nostalgia 2100 (pics)

    gas line.jpg
    Take a close look at the output just below the regulator. I believe that might unscrew and i intend on using 1/4" I.D. line for my gas. Trouble is i cant find the specifics on what tailpieces and hookups to use that new line. Keep in mind i am putting barbed swivel nuts on the tap side so i can switch between Sanke and Ball lock taps.

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    There has been a bunch of guys with Nostalgia problems and especially the gas side, search and you will find what these guys did and are doing.
    But the best way to go from Sankey to Ball is use the quick disconnects that MM sells, I don't think hexes are interchangeable (for sure the ball beer side isn't).
    If it were me I would get a new MM regulator, gas line and QD connections. No new tailpieces, no specifics and no guessing what will and won't fit, just cut and fit and you should be good.